Binary Group has supported many DoD, Intel, Health, and Civilian agencies with critical expertise and capabilities, delivering results in these areas:

Asset Management: Binary brings in-depth expertise and comprehensive services to help organizations collect, manage and report on their real property and equipment assets, as well as overcome logistics and supply chain challenges to achieve audit compliance and improve organization and warfighter readiness.

ERP / Business Systems: Binary has extensive experience in complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business systems including asset management, financial management, logistics, knowledge management, contracts management, and other critical systems used across the federal government to achieve mission success. Binary helps organizations develop, acquire, deploy, and train teams on GOTS, COTS and customized solutions, enabling our customers to achieve mission success.

CIO Advisory: Binary helps CIOs and IT leadership navigate the cultural, acquisition, data silos, and other challenges by adopting a new agile style of incremental IT planning, development, and cloud migration incorporating our outcome-driven, agile methodology (ODEA™). Whether the project is developing a data analytics dashboard using a COTS solution, managing a custom business systems project, or creating an acquisition strategy for a new solution requirement, Binary can provide the strategic planning, agile development, acquisition and other advisory support to ensure solutions achieve agency goals and avoid wasting funds. Binary also has extensive experience in global and complex information management and information technology systems and engineering & technical assistance (SETA) program management.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence: Binary’s data analytics and business intelligence solutions and services enable agency leaders to break down data silos so they can gain better insight and make confident data-driven and actionable decisions, increase staff productivity, trace performance to mission outcomes, and improve overall results. Binary has developed custom data analytics solutions and helped customers leverage powerful tools, including Tableau and other BI platforms.

Our Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™ (ODEA™) is applied to every engagement, an agile planning and service delivery methodology, producing results quickly. ODEA™ can:

  • “Move the needle” forward to produce incremental results throughout the program or project quickly and accelerate time to value
  • Reduce costs and optimize resources
  • Drive successful innovation, transformation, and modernization efforts
  • Define stakeholder requirements and align with mission outcomes
  • Minimize risks
  • Ensure mission success
  • Sustain long term positive impact