Being A Binarian

Binary Group employees—called “Binarians” — belong to a team of professionals who want to make a positive impact, be noticed, “move the needle” and make a real difference for both our customers and our company. Binarians:

  • Embrace the Binary Culture and Core Values
  • Strive for results and 100% customer referenceability
  • Focus on Binary’s mission
  • Go the extra mile to support clients and colleagues
  • Respect and enjoy working with their fellow Binarians

As a member of the Binary staff, you will find rich opportunities to make a difference through the types of work engagements we offer, and by participating in the various forums that shape the way we do business.

Binary is focused on our employee professional development and personal growth, offering opportunities to improve business skills and knowledge, creating advancement options within the company and client teams, as well as supporting involvement in community service projects to help those in need.

We are always searching for new talent, and welcome all new employees into our company with enthusiasm, appreciating the value each individual contributes. If you feel that your skill sets and work ethics fit with our expectations, we invite you to apply.


Binary offers highly competitive compensation and a superior benefits package, including comprehensive insurance options, 401k employer matching, employer paid disability and life insurance, and much more, demonstrating the value we place in our staff and caring for the welfare of each employee and their family.


Just as Binary Group is committed to serving their customers to deliver superior results, we are equally committed to giving back to the community. Binary Group and our employees regularly contribute time and resources to those in need. Binary supports our employees in their personal community service passions, and organizes company-wide programs where all employees can get involved, reinforcing our culture of teamwork.