Community Service

Community Service Outreach

Binary Group and Binarians are fully committed to giving back to those in need and support many national charities, disaster relief efforts, and local non-profits throughout the year.

Binary has made it our mission to help the military and veterans that need special care — homeless and at risk — to end veteran homelessness in the DC region and across the country. Binary is also focused on the fight against cancer, supporting national and local organizations, including National Foundation for Cancer Research, and mentoring women entrepreneurs with leading edge solutions and medicines targeted at fighting cancer and supporting those that have family and friends with cancer.

Supporting Homeless and those At Risk of Homelessness: Binary and many Binarians are very proud to support Friendship Place, a DC-based non-profit organization that empowers men, women, and families experiencing homelessness or at risk individuals to rebuild their lives, find homes, get jobs, and reconnect with their community.

Binarians supported Friendship Place’s Veteran Outreach event by donating much needed items for Veterans and their families when they are placed in temporary and permanent housing. Binary sponsored the Friendship Place ‘Walk for the Homeless’ to raise funds that support the DC area homeless and at-risk populations.

“I’m extremely proud of Binary and its employees support for Friendship Place and the work they do. As a Navy Veteran, I’ve seen the commitment our Veterans devoted to our nation and its citizens, and now, in their time of need, Friendship Place and Binary are reaching out with a helping hand. Thank you for making a true difference in the lives of our Veterans.” – Michael Brown, RADM, USN (Ret)

Many Binarians participated in A-SPAN’s Rosslyn Walk for the Homeless on October 16, 2013 to support their programs. A-SPAN provides life-sustaining services for Arlington’s street homeless population, many of which are homeless veterans. Binarians raised over $2,000 to help support A-SPAN’s programs that provide shelter and support services to this vulnerable population group.

Many of our Binarians support Habitat for Humanity by giving their time and donations to help those that need help with their homes.

Disaster Relief Support: When Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, Binary Group took immediate action and extended their mobile application, HomelessConnections, originally developed for the Department of Veteran Affairs’ Innovation Initiative, to help victims and relief workers locate temporary relief services in the hardest hit areas of New Jersey and New York. Binary was able to quickly update our scalable platform in just days, including rapidly adding additional capabilities to support the needs of Sandy victims. Binary’s adaptable solution can be redeployed quickly for subsequent disasters and Binary is committed to supporting future relief efforts where needed.

Binarians put on their running shoes to support the American Red Cross’ Oklahoma Tornado Victim’s Relief Fund in 2013. Binarians walked, ran, and biked a total of 13 million steps for charity (that’s 6,664 miles) in one month during our “Crawl, Walk, Run to Better Health” competition. A donation of $1,000 was made in honor of the winning team to the American Red Cross.

Binary Group made a significant donation to the Katrina Relief Fund. In addition, a Binarian with expertise in wireless technology took two months off to provide technical support to first responders in Mississippi and Louisiana.