Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Binary’s data analytics and business intelligence solutions enable agencies to make better and confident data-driven and actionable decisions, reduce report production time, improve productivity and analysis, gain better insight, trace performance to mission outcomes, and improve overall results.

Without the right data, benchmarks, reports, and key performance indicators, dashboards are just pretty pictures with little value. Binary helps organizations put the right data into action, providing better insight and analysis for actionable intelligence across the department or enterprise, so leaders and their team can make better informed decisions.

With our in-depth knowledge of the financial, asset management and IT / IM domains combined with more than 20 years of experience in data architecture, data governance, information assurance, knowledge management, database development, and data management, Binary can help organizations to plan and acquire BI tools, as well as develop and implement data analysis, business intelligence, and dashboard solutions quickly for better decision-making.

Binary has helped organizations deployed leading COTS and develop custom data analytics and business intelligence solutions to help leaders gain better insight and make confident decisions, including in these areas:

  • Asset management (Real Property and Equipment)
  • Financial management and cost control
  • IT portfolio management and migration
  • IT spend and investment planning and budgeting
  • Installation visitor tracking and verification
  • Data analytics / BI shared service


We provide the full spectrum of data services and solutions to provide accurate analysis and the complete data picture for better intelligence, including data capture, validation, management, migration, normalization, and integration, as well as reporting, analytics and dashboards.

With our expertise in many ERP and business systems, combined with our functional knowledge of asset management, financial management, IT/IM, contracts management and other critical areas, Binary can help organizations to consolidate data from complex ERP / business systems, providing government leaders with better data insight and analytics to make confident decisions.

One Version of the Truth

Organizations are challenged with the sheer volume of data available to analyze and struggle with pulling data from multiple systems and ensuring its integrity, leading to multiple Excel spreadsheets or “versions of the truth” from which to make important decisions. Binary’s data analytics and BI solutions can help organizations improve data integrity and migrate accurate data from multiple sources into a single version of the truth, combining data exploration and graphic visualization in an easy-to-use, highly intuitive dashboard with interactive analytics. Binary’s goal is to help organizations ask rapid questions of their data and get immediate, real-time answers from which to make intelligent decisions.

Many organizations “rush to the dashboard” solution, only to find the data and KPIs do not help them make smarter decisions or provide any value. Applying our Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™, Binary creates a collaborative environment between Binary and all stakeholders, accelerating strategic planning and enabling decision making to ensure the analytics meet an organization’s requirements and enable mission outcomes.

Our solutions are intuitive and easy to use at every level, enabling users to perform more complex types of analysis without extensive analytic or technical skills or asking for IT assistance. Binary has deployed the leading BI tools, including Tableau and other solutions, to support analysis, prediction, and forecasting, improving decision making, as well as command-wide visibility across the organization. Move your organization from a spreadsheet production environment to an analysis-centric environment, improving decision-making, cost & resource management, and accurate reporting.