Department of Defense Customers

Department of Defense Customers

Binary has supported several DoD organizations across our capability areas, including these customers:


Binary’s Enterprise and System Architects designed, coordinated and implemented an Architecture Review Board (ARB) for the IT Enterprise, enabling informed budgetary and resource decision-making. Applying ODEA™, Binary collaborated with technical experts across the program office and organization to develop architecture views covering high-level conceptual views to functional flow diagrams that documented business and system processes.

Binary Team also worked with the research and development division to develop an integration roadmap for 25 software applications. Our approach and frameworks used to gather information and present recommendations was very well received by the NMEC program manager. Results included

  • Delivery of a document reviewing 30 technical specifications and frameworks for a large-scale system.
  • 25 guides and standard operating procedures (including account management SOP, system administration guides, escalation procedural guide, disaster recovery (contingency) plan, and training guides)
  • Recommendations on numerous (50+) Information Technology (IT) plans, architectures, SOPs, and guides from NMEC, DIA, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
  • Interoperability Project – Policy and Governance: Developed and documented regulations and policies to address the compatibility of systems across multiple departments and Agencies.

DoD – Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO)

Binary provided business transformation advisory & assistance services for the Enterprise Integration Directorate to ensure successful implementation of ERPs across DoD. Binary’s detailed knowledge of DoD ERP systems, combined with our Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™ provided the following benefits:

  • Integrated, streamlined approach to performing business operations
  • Rapid adoption of enterprise standards for processes, data and systems (interfaces)
  • Improvement in the management and execution of business operations

DoD Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA)

OEA is the DoD’s field organization responsible for supporting state and local governments to respond to major defense program changes. Because of Binary’s knowledge and past performance success for the DoD, they were selected to provide Help Desk and IT Support Services. Results included

  • Responded to all requests across the OEA, including a multitude of daily requests for IT support.
  • Coordinated with other networked IT support providers to ensure smooth operations of OEA IT requirements.

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Binary assisted the NCES PMO staff in the creation and evaluation of comprehensive RFI’s, RFP’s, RFQ’s and other similar artifacts required to elicit information from outside sources on such things as technology capabilities, level of support potential, pricing of goods and services, etc. for successful program implementation. Binary’s expertise in technology comprehension, costing constructs, technical writing and the correct application of current acquisition rules and guidance to create artifacts and to evaluate the responses ensured the PMO’s goals for effective acquisition were achieved.


Binary supported the DOD/VA IPO with Enterprise Architecture services to standardize data and databases to create a joint DOD and VA Electronic Health Record system.


Binary worked with TRANSCOM J-6 on a Technical Architecture engagement, including the mapping of processes.