ERP / Business Systems


Binary’s roots are in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business systems support, helping multiple organizations to develop, deploy, and support end-users on complex applications. Binary also provides business process reengineering, data management, data migration, and help desk support for critical business systems, including asset management, financial management, knowledge management, business intelligence, contracts management, IT acquisition and many other systems.

Army ERP and Business Systems

With Binary’s track record supporting complex ERP and business systems and functional knowledge, we have become the “go-to” contractor to support the Army’s General Fund Enterprise Business System – GFEBS, an SAP-based and one of the largest financial systems in the world. Our extensive GFEBS experience dates to 2005, and since then, Binary has supported dozens of organizations around the world to leverage the powerful system. Some of our past performance successes include:/

  • Supported the U.S. Army PEO EIS, Project Manager, GFEBS, since the ERP system’s inception in 2005 and for more than 10 years. Binary provided expert functional, technical, compliance, security, data management, and business process reengineering services to the PMO. Binary also staffed the Tier II help desk to support 53,000 users worldwide, gaining insight and helping users on their technical issues and functional challenges with the system. Binary was awarded the GFEBS PMO re-compete for project management support because of the consistent results our team delivered.
  • Binary developed and instructed the Army Financial Management School’s GFEBS and cost management educational curriculum, helping financial management and PP&E personnel to learn GFEBS and how to apply functional processes in the ERP system.


The Army’s financial and facility planning systems are complex and comprise several databases that provide information used to generate financial and facility requirements that ultimately influence budgetary decisions. Binary has supported these systems, including:

  • Army’s General Fund Enterprise Business System – GFEBS, the Army’s web-enabled financial, asset and accounting management system that standardizes, streamlines, and shares critical data across the Active Army, the ARNG and the USAR.
  • Logistics Modernization Program – LMP, one of the largest supply chain and maintenance, repair, and overhaul solutions in the world.
  • Installation Status Report – ISR, a real-time decision support tool used by Army leadership to identify the quantity and quality of facilities, and assess the condition of installation infrastructure environmental programs and support the condition of installation infrastructure, environmental programs, and support services, using established Army-wide standards.
  • Army’s enterprise Pro-active Real Property Interactive Space Management System – ePRISMS, providing visibility to floor plans, maps, imagery, and readiness data consolidated from multiple Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) systems including Headquarters Installation Information System (HQIIS), General Financial Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), Installation Status Report (ISR), Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP), and Real Property Planning and Analysis System (RPLANS), enabling sound strategic-investment decisions, space optimization, and cost savings.
  • Real Property Planning and Analysis System – RPLANS, uses information on the type of units and number of personnel and Army space planning criteria to determine the amount of facilities needed to accommodate forces stationed at an installation.
  • Headquarters Installation Information System – HQIIS, serves as the Army’s single interfacing system for statutory and regulatory real property reporting requirements
  • Geographic Information System – GIS, uses computers and software to leverage the fundamental principle of geography for mapping real property assets at an organization.
  • BUILDER Sustainment Management System (SMS) – uses data from facility condition assessments to enable leadership to make better planning decisions on infrastructure needs and costs.


Binary has supported multiple organizations to fully adopt and leverage multiple ERP and business systems in financial and asset management, and crosswalk data between systems to ensure data accuracy and completeness.

An Intelligence Agency’s Business Systems Success:

Binary supported an intelligence agency with solution development support, technical project management, acquisition support, financial management support and communications and outreach services.

The focus of our support was to restructure the financial / acquisition business systems and consolidate several existing contracts and efforts into one unified CFO resource to enable the agency to acquire new technologies, streamline process and achieve audit and other requirements. The focus was also to improve the reliability, accuracy and timeliness of information provided to the end user. This program focused on:

  • Business Enterprise Services (BES) – establish and maintain an integrated and compliant portfolio of common and optimized business applications, capabilities, shared services, end-to-end processes, policy, and architecture. Provided program management, supported governance activities and support to the steering committee.
  • Auditability Compliance Services (ACS)
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) – the reporting and data exchange engine. Monitored and supported EDW architecture, applications, and databases, financial and acquisition reports / dashboards to model data, provided full life cycle development for EDW
  • Financial Management System (FMS) / Financial Accounting and Corporate Tracking System (FACTS) – support the CFO Enterprise Resource Planning integration service for FMS FACTS, financial and acquisition transaction processing & reporting, and support integration and application enhancement efforts.
  • Business Information Technology Modernization Auditability Program (BITMAP)
  • Defense Travel System (DTS) Financial Transactions Support – use, transactions, and reporting
  • Web Based Translators (WBTs) – functional and technical support


Our team provided application expertise, customer service support and a single access point for business processes and application customer requests, including requirement requests, information requests, knowledge management / communications service requirements, and requests for references and best business practices. Our team of functional and technical experts across multiple business applications supported requirements management, operations and integration, business process reengineering, and other areas.

Program Management for ERP / Business Systems

Federal programs are under incredible scrutiny. With continued project delays, cost overruns, and lackluster outcomes, stakeholders – from the general public to government legislators and executives – are demanding that programs and new application development projects be more transparent and transforming, which adds layers of complexity to the management of these programs. At the same time, these programs are expected to be delivered on time and within budget.

Binary’s foundation of IT/IM, engineering, and program management expertise, as well as applying our agile Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™ to every program, engages stakeholders across the enterprise and inter-agencies to define accurate and realistic requirements, create performance measurements, and deliver outcomes that align with an organization’s mission. Binary’s agile planning method produces results quickly, implementing essential activities and outcomes throughout the lifecycle for enterprise programs and business systems acquisitions or development. Binary assists program managers in conceptualizing, planning, executing, and transitioning their programs from the planning phase to end-user delivery, enabling program offices to achieve expected results, meet compliance mandates, and mitigate risks for programs, including:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP)
  • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)
  • Information Technology, Information Management and Engineering programs


ERP Program Management Success

Binary provided program management support for the Army PEO EIS, General Funds Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) PMO starting in 2005 and continued to support the program for more than 10 years. Binary provided functional, technical, compliance, security, business process reengineering, and GFEBS Tier II help desk services. Our team’s SAP technical expertise and functional knowledge of the Army financial and asset management operations ensured a successful deployment to 53,000 users worldwide.

Binary helps organizations better understand, analyze, plan, oversee, fund, and assess delivery of their enterprise programs in an agile, rapid, integrated, synchronized and resource effective manner. Binary’s capabilities include:

  • Engineering expertise to analyze system concepts, system design and interoperability
  • Acquisition planning and execution for improved performance through the lifecycle
  • System and software architecture
  • Strategy and policy guidance
  • Engineering and technical documentation
  • Independent evaluation and assessments of systems and technologies
  • Engineering change management
  • Information assurance support – certification and accreditation, network security, security training and awareness, vulnerability assessments, technical Integration, and multi-level security
  • Planning, coordination, and project management activities across the functional areas of requirements management and configuration management
  • Program management including:
    • administration
    • resource management
    • contract management
    • budget/cost control
    • schedule development and maintenance
    • training management
    • operations management
    • logistics management
    • material management
    • physical security
  • Lifecycle budgetary and financial management support
  • Cost impact and cost benefit analyses
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)


Binary has helped many DoD, Intel, and Civilian agencies to reduce acquisition costs and accelerate time to program and mission success.

Financial Management Services

Binary’s expertise helps Financial Management organizations to effectively leverage fiscal resources to accomplish assigned missions and to efficiently execute procurement and sustainment operations in their specific operating environments. Binary’s teams have supported numerous Resource Management and Finance Operations organizations to improve the accuracy and completeness of data in GFEBS / LMP / other ERP systems, correct IDOC errors, develop business process improvements and produce accurate reports, providing insight to leadership to proactively manage costs, optimize resources, fund unfunded requirements, as well as produce accurate Status of Funds.

Army Financial Management Success

Binary identified $4M in funding that a Garrison Resource Manager could use for mission requirements through an unbiased review and analysis of their process and IDOC errors occurring in GFEBS in just a few days. Binary also saved 1.2 contractor FTEs annually by providing business process improvements and better data analysis and reporting for the Resource Management organization.

Binary has worked with numerous CONUS and OCONUS organizations to transition and fully leverage complex financial ERP systems, including GFEBS, DAI, FACTS, and others to help leadership make confident resource informed decisions and organizations to proactively manage costs.