About Binary Group

Binary Group works with Government Decision Makers in Mission Support Organizations who are trying to optimize resources and performance. Our suite of solutions delivers ‘quick strike’ capability that enables them to make relevant decisions quicker and get the results they need fast. Unlike companies that conduct exhaustive studies, or turn any engagement into an annuity contract, Binary is set apart by our ability to provide quick value and results that matter to the mission.

Founded in 1996, Binary Group is a leading and award-winning, woman-owned small business (WOSB) providing services and solutions to the Federal Government. Our core capability areas include Asset Management, ERP / Business Systems Support & Development, CIO / IT Consulting & Support, and Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Solutions.

Our Mission

Binary Group’s mission is to deliver result fast, accelerating time to value for every customer. Our company continues to lead the Federal Government in transformational change and strategic initiatives, applying our Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™ to every engagement, our agile planning and delivery methodology. We enable agencies and leadership to generate results rapidly, transform their business systems, data, and processes, minimize risks, and achieve their goals and mission.

Our Culture

Binary culture is the underpinning of executing our mission and the foundation of our growth. Our culture is defined by the core values and the cultural tenants we abide by. Binarians are the people of Binary who live the culture while focusing on results.

Binary provides many professional development and career advancement opportunities. We recognize Binarians for the customer results they achieve, transformation initiatives they support, and the core values they demonstrate to customers and colleagues.

Core Values

All Binarians embody a set of core values—integrity, respect, creativity, responsibility, excellence—that serve as the keystone for our interactions within the company and relationship with our customers. We are committed to the highest ethics, staying fiercely focused on outcomes that matter to our customers.

  • Respect: We listen to our customers AND one another to accomplish team-oriented goals without bias to our personal interest, position or ego. We are up front, frank, thoughtful, and helpful in our daily interactions and collaborations with each other.
  • Integrity: The core being of our culture. We do what we say we will do. We are honest, truthful, and fair about WHAT and HOW we do business. Our actions are consistent with our words. If we cannot do it, we work out a collaborative solution.
  • Creativity: We are adaptive, proactive, and take nothing for granted. We think out of the box and create win-win solutions for our customers and our team. We strive to simplify, constantly improve, and reinvigorate our customers and our business with new ideas, methods, and capabilities.
  • Excellence: We are passionate about success, and relentless in achieving higher goals and setting new standards for what we do, for customers, our own operations and our value. We do things that matter and that provide impact.
  • Responsibility: We take full responsibility for our individual and collective success. We teach by example; are transparent in our actions and words; flexible and adaptive as we transform.

Even as the company continues to expand, Binary is dedicated to maintaining a corporate culture that is collaborative, inclusive, responsive, focused, and results oriented.

Our People

Binarians have diverse and expert level skills in their own domains. We team with one and another to produce the best results for our customers. Members of our leadership team and field staff have distinguished backgrounds as former leaders in the military, government, and private enterprises. They have in-depth training, certifications, security clearances, and experience in today’s fast-changing technology and business environments and have delivered billions of dollars in customer value.

Binarians excel at their work, strive to constantly improve, and above all, forge a strong partnership with our customers to produce outstanding results.