Asset Management


Combining our expertise in asset management, asset & financial management systems, IT transformation, and analytics, we enable federal and commercial organizations to better plan, budget, and manage their critical infrastructure assets through automation and complete data. Our firm has earned the reputation as the ‘go to contractor’ because of our in-depth lifecycle knowledge and hands-on technical and data expertise, completing projects on time, cost-effectively, and ‘right the first time.’

Although government and commercial organizations have made some progress towards better accountability and auditability of their assets and costs, many challenges remain in managing their portfolio of critical infrastructure assets, including:

Real Property • Equipment • Facility Controls / Systems • Devices / Computers • Software Licenses • other Critical Infrastructure Assets

Our teams have helped organizations to produce results, including:

  • Increase sustainment funding
  • Reduce costs and staff time
  • Optimize space utilization and assets
  • Improve data accuracy and completeness for better planning and management decisions
  • Extend asset useful life
  • Achieve audit readiness & reporting requirements


  • We collect it: Real property inspections, facility utilization studies, building condition assessments, field mapping surveys, equipment surveys
  • We verify and record it: Automate the validation process via Asset360, create documentation, and update digital & hard copy folders
  • We get it in systems of records: Update / add data in GFEBS, ePRISMS, RPLANS, HQIIS, ISR, GIS, LMP, BUILDER, Maximo, and other asset and financial management systems
  • We manage it: Operations & Maintenance service desk support and work order management (demand, preventative maintenance, service orders) through order close out, as well as ongoing activities to update data
  • We report and analyze it: Data management, standard and ad hoc reporting, and analytics with visualization for complete visibility on assets

Binary is always innovating to improve outcomes for our customers. Binary’s teams use our cloud-based mobile & web app to collect data quickly for 100% asset inventories with accurate data, photos, and location. With custom reports and analytics and the ability to integrate with / update other systems, Asset360 provides actionable intelligence for better decision-making.



Our teams can provide expert facility condition assessment support services, including architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing inspections, data quality control enter, and updates in BUILDER and other CMMS software as required.

Binary supported a prime to inspect conditions at Army Crane and Scranton, providing the organization with accurate data to develop future budgets for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of assets.


We provide the complete lifecycle of services for building and structure assets, including:

  • Conduct real property inspections and space utilization studies, covering an entire installation in a systemic approach to capture complete data
  • Validate data against existing documentation and systems of records, including automating the process through ASSET360
  • Create new documentation (1354s, MOUs, etc.), and ensure digital and hard copy folders are complete and audit compliant
  • Update and correct data, or create new records in asset management systems, including GFEBS, Navy ERP, ISR, ePRISMS, etc.
  • Identify, inspect, and create records for Found on Installation and bundled / consolidated assets, ensuring all assets are accounted for in the system of record
  • Provide over-the-shoulder training, business process improvements, and standard operating procedures, helping organizations maintain accurate and complete asset records
  • Standard and custom reports and analytics, enabling leaders to make informed decisions to better plan and manage assets to support the warfighter and workforce

Our teams have supported dozens of Army organizations (CONUS and OCONUS), including Fort Leavenworth, Letterkenny Arsenal, US Army Europe, Fort Belvoir, Dugway Proving Ground, White Sands Missile Range, Fort Knox, Carlisle Barracks, and many others, enabling organizations to increase sustainment funding levels, proactively manage costs, make informed decisions, and other benefits.


Our Plant Maintenance Services help organizations to effectively manage equipment assets and OM&R costs by having a 100% complete and accurate inventory of all assets in asset / CMMS systems. We provide the following services:

  • Conduct equipment surveys to capture critical data
  • Validate data against existing data
  • Create a complete inventory of equipment assets with all critical data, including preventative maintenance schedules, warranty information
  • Upload / enter asset data in GFEBS, Maximo and other asset & financial management systems
  • Support the service / help desk for on demand requests and manage the work order process for all services, including emergency, services, and preventative maintenance, from creation to close out of all orders with associated costs
  • Create a warehouse inventory of all materials
  • Provide over-the-shoulder training, process improvements and standard operating procedures to government personnel and contractor staff to maintain processes and data accuracy

Binary has supported many BaseOps contractors and federal organizations to proactively manage assets and Operations & Maintenance costs including Fort Bliss, Fort Meade, and Dugway Proving Grounds.

Binary can lead the transition for asset management from legacy systems to the required asset system of record, enabling organizations and their BaseOps / facility management contractors to proactively manage operations, service orders, and costs.