Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach

An Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™

Binary Group’s Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™ (ODEA™) delivers results fast. Our agile planning and service delivery approach enables agencies to quickly make smart decisions on acquisition, data, technology requirements, processes, organizational structure, and budget strategies to successfully produce desired outcomes and course correct to respond to changes rapidly without derailing the program or project. Binary applies our proven methodology to every engagement, generating results quickly.

Before Binary begins an engagement, we define desired outcomes with key stakeholders, from the organization and user points of view. Using an outside-in, top down approach, we define key requirements and then create an executable and consistent model to make decisions throughout while delivering outcomes required at every stage. This “quick strike” capability decodes complex silos and stove-piped information to enable fast decision making, delivering substantial results in an agile, integrated and synchronized manner. Our methodology differentiates Binary Group from the traditional approaches that keep stakeholders at ‘arms length,’ which can lead to higher costs, delayed schedules, and a high rate of failure in achieving desired goals.

Binary’s Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™ was clearly demonstrated on the Army 20th Support Command’s Hot Zone detection and disarmament of nuclear, biological and weapons of mass destruction program. Binary delivered a $12 million first year reduction in SATCOM bandwidth fees, despite no additional funding for added SATCOM bandwidth requirements, and $48M in cost savings for the five year budget cycle, with no reduction in capabilities.

ODEA™ Works
  • Clarifies and aligns specific business outcomes and results that are required from these goals
    • What are we trying to do?
    • What is the scope?
    • How much value will it deliver?
    • When is it needed?
    • Who are the key stakeholders?
  • Approach can be quickly adjusted to handle disruptions
  • Demonstrates tangible business value rapidly
    • Maximum reuse as deployment expands through spiral approach
    • Adaptive change mechanism and systemic feedback
    • Benefits and value provided throughout program
    • Surgical approach vs. across the board actions
  • Utilizes consistent methodologies and virtual “connected” platforms that maximize reusability, allows work anywhere yet enables rapid collaboration, and is secure

An Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™, incorporating agile best practices, measurement and analysis with ongoing improvement is critical for all Agencies to adopt in this era of tighter budgets, limited resources, and more oversight on project / program ROI. Binary’s continued commitment to employing effective outcome-driven acquisition, requirements development, delivery practices & processes, executable plans, and continuous monitoring of ongoing progress against metrics for all projects and programs ensures Binary delivers results that have the greatest impact in the shortest time.

“Binary’s expertise helps customers take that step out into the hairy unknown. When customers send this change agent message out, they need to know it’s going to work. That’s where Binary comes in, generating incremental and ongoing results toward mission success.” – Binary Customer